DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::XBase - Support DBD::XBase driver


DBI Wrapper: Adds methods to a DBI database handle.

  my $sqldb = DBIx::SQLEngine->new( 'dbi:XBase:my_data_path' );

Portability Subclasses: Uses driver's idioms or emulation.

  $hash_ary = $sqldb->fetch_select( 
    table => 'students',
    where => { name => 'Dave' },


This package provides a subclass of DBIx::SQLEngine which compensates for some of DBD::XBase's idiosyncrasies.

Note that DBD::XBase does not support the normal full range of SQL DBMS functionality. Consult the documentation to understand its current limits.

About Driver Subclasses

You do not need to use this package directly; when you connect to a database, the SQLEngine object is automatically re-blessed in to the appropriate subclass.


  $sqldb->sql_detect_table ( $tablename )  : %sql_select_clauses

Implemented using DBD::XBase's "select * from $tablename where 1 = 0".


  $sqldb->dbms_null_becomes_emptystring () : 1

Capability Limitation: This driver does not store real null or undefined values, converting them instead to empty strings.


See DBIx::SQLEngine for the overall interface and developer documentation.

See DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ReadMe for general information about this distribution, including installation and license information.