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Changes for version 0.02004314 - 2011-10-28

  • Dependencies
    • changed: runtime requires Moose 0.84 -> 0.90
    • dropped: runtime requires MooseX::Has::Sugar
  • Features
    • Added (private) accessors for everything moose can do on the ::Private core. This is soley to discourage consumers from accesing the hash internals directly to provide better encapsulation. Maybe one day ::Private will be entirely replaced with XS and you want it to remain working.
    • Added a basic Type Library, Data::Couplet::Types


Yet another (But Hopefully Better) Key-Value Storage mechanism
A convenient way for sub classing Data::Couplet with minimal effort
A D::C Plug-in to reorder data in your data set.
Provides various methods for seeing how many things are in the object
Private internal bits for Data::Couplet
A Generalised Role for classes to extend Data::Couplet via aggregation.
Various type-constraints for working with D::C and Moose