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Changes for version 0.20

  • Devel::Git::MultiBisect::Opts: introduce attributes 'compiler' and 'probe'. These will enable us to write programs in which all parameters needed for any of the three variants of 'probe' in can be supplied via command-line switches; see xt/identify-build-transitions.
  • In programs using Devel::Git::MultiBisect::BuildTransitions, the value for 'probe' should now be provided in the list of arguments passed to new() rather than in a hashref passed to multisect_builds(). The latter approach is deprecated and will be removed in early 2022. The new approach enables us to pass all essential arguments as command-line switches.
  • Introduce helper function Devel::Git::MultiBisect::Auxiliary::write_transitions_report.


Study build and test output over a range of git commits
Gather test output over an entire range of git commits
Helper functions for Devel::Git::MultiBisect
Gather build-time output where it changes over a range of git commits
Initializer for Devel::Git::MultiBisect
Prepare parameters for Devel::Git::MultiBisect
Gather test output where it changes over a range of git commits