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Changes for version 2.049 - 2023-12-31

  • fixed implementation of 'push_url' in [Git::Init] (Mikko Koivunalho, PR#6)
  • new 'stage' option in [Git::Init], to control whether minted files are included in the initial commit (Mikko Koivunalho, PR#7)
  • amend [Git::GatherDir] docs to not duplicate documentation for attributes inherited from [GatherDir] (ether)
  • amend [Git::Init] docs to reference init.defaultBranch, not master (ether)
  • fix warning about disregarded [Git::GatherDir] configs (ether)
  • support the 'prune_directory' config in [Git::GatherDir] (ether)


Update your git repository after release
Check your git repository before releasing
Check in build results on separate branch
Gather all tracked files in a Git working directory
Initialize git repository on dzil new
Provide a version number by bumping the last git release tag
Push current branch
Tag the new version
All git plugins in one bundle
Provide the allow_dirty & changelog attributes
Provide repository information for Git plugins
Provide a String::Formatter for commit messages