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Changes for version 0.8

  • Moved Tagnames from to so the addons won't break Reduced. Fixed Bug in so reftype is not ambigious. Fixed Bug in include/extend/ssi so they won't autoescape the filename Fixed missing exists in devar_var. Made devar_var call __getitem__ if it's there. Removed useless variable from {% for %} perl output Fixed multiple keyword issue of Added parser switching while parsing (parse() not unparsed()); Fixed useless error while rendering empty output. Fixed hickup in cunjunction with scalarrefs and the current directory Improved cache, added reparse if needed.'s param() now works exactly like HTML::Template's param(). Stored more stuff in (parameter, parser, current directory) Improved file-changed detection. Added %NOCOMPILE to to skip addons that are not needed with compiled templates


Run Django Templates in Perl
Manages Dotiac::DTL-addons.
Stores a Django template comment tag.
Stores a compiled Django template.
Common functions for Dotiac::DTL and Dotiac::DTL::Reduced
Filters for variables
The default Django/Dotiac parser
Dotiac::DTL without the parser.
Terminates a template list
The {% autoescape [on/off] %} tag
The {% block NAME %} tag
The {% comment %} tag
The {% cycle CYCLENAME | VAR1 VAR2 VAR3 VAR4... [as CYCLENAME] %} tag
The {% debug %} tag
The {% extends FILE %} tag
The {% filter FILTER1[|FILTER2[|FILTER3[|...]]] %} tag
The {% firstof VARIABLE1[|VARIABLE2[|VARIABLE3[|...]]] %} tag
The {% for VARIABLE1[|VARIABLE2[|VARIABLE3[|...]]] in VARIABLE %} tag
The {% if [not ]VARIABLE1[ or [not ]VARIABLE2[ or ..]]|[and [not ]VARIABLE2[ and ..]] %} tag
The {% ifchanged [VARIABLE] %} tag
The {% ifequal VARIABLE1 VARIABLE2 %} tag
The {% ifnotequal VARIABLE1 VARIABLE2 %} tag
The {% include FILE %} tag
The {% load NAME %} tag
The {% now FORMAT %} tag
The {% regroup LIST by PROPERTY as NEWVARIABLE %} tag
The {% spaceless %} tag
The {% ssi FILE [parsed] %} tag
The {% templatetag openblock|closeblock|openvariable|closevariable|openbrace|closebrace|opencomment|closecomment %} tag
The {% url PATH,[PATH,[...],[PARAMETER=VALUE,[PARAMETER=VALUE,[..]]] [as VAR] %} tag
A Dotiac/Django template.
Saves Dotiac::DTL-value.
Stores a Django template variable tag.