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Changes for version 1.914 - 2024-05-29

  • counting progress without precentage works now by setting countPercent to >= 100, fixed fallback to config level defined settings with prefix (in config subhash "lookups") also for loads, fixed unicode problems in log error mails, fixed problem in parsing scientific numer notations in, caching of ftp handles in, additional folderEnvironmentMapping via accessed module's folder (if in test -> test), reset error mail filter ONLY for planned tasks, don't connect to FTP if redo from local file


checks Log-entries at given times
small UI for setting debug levels and appenders for the various loggers (main script, and each EAI::Wrap package)


Common parts for the EAI::Wrap package
Database wrapper functions (for DBI / DBD::ODBC)
Date and Time helper functions for EAI::Wrap
wrapper for Net::SFTP::Foreign and Net::FTP
read/parse Files from the filesystem or write to the filesystem
framework for easy creation of Enterprise Application Integration tasks