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Changes for version 1.37

  • Elive::DAO
    • preserve argument order on soap calls. This is work around restrictions with Bb::Collaborate::Multimedia (and Presentation). uploads Seems that arguments needs to supplied in a particular order (size following upload content).


General Development Notes
Elluminate Live! Manager (ELM) configuration file checker
simple query shell for Elluminate Live! Manager (ELM)
Elluminate Live! Manager (ELM) meeting creation


Elluminate Live! Manager (ELM) Command Toolkit bindings
Manage Elluminate Live SOAP connections.
Manage Elluminate Live SDK SOAP connections.
Abstract class for Elive Data Access Objects
Base class for arrays
Singleton mixin class
Base class for DAO objects
Base class for Elive Entities
Elluminate Group entity instance class
Group Members entity class
Invited Guest entity class
Elluminate Meeting instance class
Meeting parameters entity class
A Single Meeting Participant
Meeting Participants entity class
A list of participants
Elluminate Preload instance class
List of Preloads
Elluminate Recording Entity class
Elluminate Report entity instance class
Elluminate Role entity class
Server Details entity class
Meeting server parameters entity class
Session insert/update via ELM 3.x commands
Elluminate Users entity class
Utility functions for Elive
Type introspection class
Session view and insert/update via ELM 2.x