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Firewall Analysis and Rewrite Library
Map tokens to value objects
Vendor specific concrete builder class
Firewall configuration filter and pre-processor
Create Farly::Objects from the AST
Map ICMP type string ID's and integers
Recognizes pre-processed firewall configurations
Maps port string ID's and integers
Maps protocol string ID's and integers
Rewrite the parse tree into an abstract syntax tree
Builder base class
Manages Builder creation and configuration
IPv4 address class
IPv4 ICMP type class
IPv4 network class
IPv4 base class
IPv4 range class
Generic Farly entity object
Group Farly::Objects with common identity
Searchable container of Farly::Objects
Reference object
Set calculations on Farly::Objects
Create a Farly::Object from a Getopts hash
Remove an address or network from the firewall model
Removes firewall rule entries from the configuration
Expands configuration firewall rules
Optimize an expanded firewall rule set
Converts the Farly model into Cisco format
Transport base class
TCP/UDP port class
TCP/UDP port 'greater than' class
TCP/UDP port 'less than' class
TCP/UDP port range class
TCP/IP protocol class
Integer value class
String value class