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Changes for version v2.018

  • Doc fixes, deprecate in favor of Test2::Suite


The Fennec Manual
Customizing Fennec for you project.


A testers toolbox, and best friend
Funnel results from child to parent
Base class for Test::Builder collectors
Test::Builder collector that uses temporary files to convey results.
Used to run Fennec test when legacy code does not call done_testing().
Create one .t file to find all .pm test files.
The meta-object added to all Fennec test classes.
Responsible for Test::Workflow interaction
Base class for Fennec tests.
Utility functions
Provide test grouping, reusability, and structuring such as RSPEC and cases.
Track information about test blocks.
Used to track per-encapsulation meta-data
The meta-object added to all Test-Workflow test classes.
A test block wrapped with setup/teardown methods, ready to be run.