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Changes for version 0.3 - 2003-08-24

  • Moved file test operator stuff to a subroutine called inodetype()
  • Actually implemented the --file-compat switch
  • Added the -L and -i commandline switches for file(1) compatibility
  • Fixed a few bugs with relative file names
  • Changed the script 'mimeinfo' back to 'mimetype' because rox has a '--mime-type' switch doing the same thing as this script.
  • Added the describe() method for getting human readable descriptions
  • Implemented the commandline switches --desc and --output-format
  • Changed the script 'mimetype' to 'mimeinfo'
  • added some commandline options to make this script a little file(1) compat
  • added some file test operators for determining types from the inode/* class.
  • use utf8 binmode for filehandles

Changes for version 0.30 - 2020-10-26

  • Added function File::MimeInfo::has_mimeinfo_database() to test if mimeinfo database is found
  • mimetype and mimeopen now exit with an error code if no mimeinfo database is found
  • Added explicit dependency on Encode::Locale
  • Properly decode parameters for `mimeopen` and `mimetype`. Patch provided by Nikos Skalkotos
  • Fix for undefined defaults (fixes #36). Reported & fix provided by Martin Vassor
  • Improved installation instructions, specifically on macOS, by Oleg Kostyuk & Michiel Beijen


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