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Changes for version 1.16 - 2005-12-03

  • t/07_layered.t: Added additional tests to reveal a bug that causes the root-level of the layered file systems to be treated as in the current directory during calls to children(), children_paths(), and has_children().
  • lib/File/System/ Paths passed to lookup() are normalized as they should be.
  • lib/File/System/ Updated has_children(), children_paths(), children(), and child() so that they will treat layers besides the current properly.
  • lib/File/System/ Updated has_content() and is_container() to make sure they always return a scalar.
  • lib/File/System/ Improved the diagnostics messages of most methods in File::System::Test so that it is more obvious which part of a test failed.


A virtual file system written in pure Perl
A file system implementation with "layered" roots
Abstract class that every file system module builds upon
A file system module that delegates work to another
A file system module based on the real file system
A file system implementation for mounting other modules
Module for testing file system drivers