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Changes for version 0.9.19

  • When reading a directory, do not process detached inodes


Provide POSIX-like filesystem semantics in pure Perl
Bitfield and constant definitions for file modes and system call flags
Bitfield and constant conversions for file modes and system call flags to system values
Base class for implementing directory structures
Basic placeholder for directory file handles
Throw Errno values with confess in Carp::confess()|Carp
Provides features not found in a POSIX environment environment
File descriptor table
Provides file I/O calls for Filesys::POSIX
Basic wrapper for Perl file handles
Base class for filesystem inode objects
Filesystem whose logical structure resides solely in program memory
Regular file I/O handle
Export methods to Filesys::POSIX namespace
Exposes VFS mounting functionality to Filesys::POSIX
Pathname manipulation utility class
Portal to actual underlying filesystem
Portal to actual underlying filesystem as seen by a particular UID/GID.
Create and operate on filesystem snapshots
Provide implementations for higher-level, "userland" functionality in Filesys::POSIX
Crawl directories in a filesystem
Generate ustar archives from Filesys::POSIX
Inode conditional tests


in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Mem/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Mem/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Real/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Real/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/ReducedPrivileges/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/ReducedPrivileges/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Snapshot/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/Userland/Tar/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/
in lib/Filesys/POSIX/VFS/