Changes for version 1.162360 - 2016-08-23

  • Added EnterPassword, TxtPassword, and ScryptPassword.
  • If just looking at this distribution please look at HTML::FormHandler instead.
  • Moved to Dist::Zilla for packaging (which is the reason for the jump in version number).
  • Ran perltidy, and a few PerlCritic updates -- but too many to be safe.
  • Changed an "Integer" field default length from 8 to 10 digits.
  • Updated the "CIDR_list" field with updated tests to catch invalid formatted lists.
  • Added global variable LANGUAGE_HANDLE to be checked before env variable.


validate and process form data
Base class for Fields used with Form::Processor
A true or false field
Muliplt CIDR addresses
A boolean checkbox field type
Maps to the current DateTime module.
DEPRECATED example of a compound field
DEPRECATED example of a sub-form
Free-form date/time input
Expects datas in yyyy_mm_dd format
Validates email uisng Email::Valid
DEPRECATED tests that the entered date is in the future
a text field as a hidden widget
accept integer from 0 to 23
Input HTML in a textarea
Select an integer range in a select list
validate an integer value
convert passwords to MD5 hashes
input range from 0 to 60
Input US currenty-like values.
Select list of 1 to 12
Select list for a day number 1 to 31
Select list for month names
Select one or more options
Field::Processor Field
input a telephone number
Validates input is a postive integer
Field that can be read but not updated
convert passwords to scrypt hash.
Select list for seconds
** Please provide abstract **
Tests that Template-Toolkit can parse the content
A simple text entry field
Mulitple line input
Tests that a url looks like a url.
Validate that the input looks like a US phone number
Checks that input looks like a US Zip.
A field for uploading files
** Please provide abstract **
Select valid day of the week
** Please provide abstract **
Select a recent year.
** Please provide abstract **
** Please provide abstract **
default model base class