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Changes for version 0.20023 - 2012-02-05

  • restore removed version from


Understanding Form::Sensible's Delegation model
Answers to questions about how to use Form::Sensible
Getting started with Form::Sensible


A sensible way to handle form based user interface
Represents a connection between one object and another
Field base class for Form::Sensible
A DateTime field type.
Field used for file selection
Field for representing large amounts of character-string data.
A Numeric field type.
A multiple-choice option field
encapsulate an entire form within another.
Field for representing character-strings
A Trigger for user activity
Form::Sensible's Form class
A base class for writing Form::Sensible reflectors.
Base class for Renderers.
an HTML based Form renderer
A rendered form handle for HTML
Default Validator for Form::Sensible forms
Validation results for a given form.