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Changes for version 0.15

  • made a few Fry::Lib methods, included Fry::Developer.pod, slight documentation tweaks


Documentation for Developers


Base class providing minimal set of handy methods. Some used to communicate between shell components and used to communicate between shell components.
Class for shell commands.
Default Config plugin for Fry::Shell.
Fry::Shell Config plugin which uses YAML.
Dump plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Data::Dumper.
Default Dump plugin for Fry::Shell
Dump plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Data::TreeDumper.
Redefines warn and die to trigger actions by error levels and tags.
Class for shell libraries.
Autoloaded library for DBI's object methods.
Default library loaded by Fry::Shell
Autoloaded library for Class::Inspector's class methods.
Base class serving as a container for its subclass's objects.
Class for shell options.
Default ReadLine plugin for Fry::Shell.
ReadLine plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Term::ReadLine::Gnu.
Flexible shell framework which encourages using loadable libraries of functions.
Extended Fry::Shell interface to be used by libraries and plugins as needed.
Class for shell subroutines
Class for shell variables.
Default View plugin for Fry::Shell displaying to the commandline.


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