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Changes for version 0.163 - 2011-07-19

  • Documentation change upon request.


Send a text message to a mobile phone
Perl Modules For Smart Messaging


Implements a simple .ini style config.
API for sending and receiving EMS messages.
An EMS message class ...
API for sending and receiving SMS messages.
Encapsulates frames for NBS messages.
SAR functionality for NBS messages.
Narrow Bandwidth Socket protocol stack.
Create a PictureMessage
Convert RTTTL composed songs to Nokia Smart Messaging Specs
Codec for Protocol Data Units.
A proxy for platform specific serial conenction
Act as a single point of access to the transports
Dump PDU strings to files
HTTP access to the MCube SMS center
Send SMS messages via the service.
Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM modem
Base class for transports
HTTP for Remote Serial modem
router object factory


in lib/GSM/SMS/
in lib/GSM/SMS/Config/