Author image Alex Schroeder
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.04

  • Added better UI and parameters for Traveller and Apocalypse maps.
  • Fixed Gridmapper maps with room numbers that cannot be divided by 5 and 7, e.g. 16. Those dungeons often had the last room disconnected.
  • Add castle to the default icons.
  • Gnomeyland icons: more background colours; fix scaling issues in Inkscape.
  • Alping algorithm: the wind shadow now reduces the number of rivers on one particular side of a mountain; add marshlands for estuaries; add variety to badlands.
  • Traveller algorithm: fix gas giant occurence.
  • Add Dockerfile, add better Docker instructions.


a web app to generate maps based on text files


a web app to generate maps based on text files
generate postapocalyptic landscape
width and height for map tiles
generate dungeon maps
a line between two points
a line implementation for hex maps
a line implementation for square maps
a log singleton
a text map parser and builder
a mapper for hex maps
a mapper for hex maps
a point on the map
generate an alpine landscape
a base role for map generators
a role for hex map generators
generate an island chain
a role for square map generators
generate fantasy wilderness maps
generate Traveller subsector maps