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Changes for version 0.209 - 2022-12-09

  • This may be the last update to Games-Nintendo-Mario! Although I receive dozens of support requests or letters of appreciation each day about this code, I receive very few patches, including those to bring the library up to date with modern Mario standards such as NSMB2 or NSMBU, let alone NSLU, Odyssey, or Bowser's Fury. Although I am happy to continue supporting this library's dedicated userbase, I cannot do so without software for comparison testing. A research grant in the form of Nintendo eShop points could certainly lead to new versions, and hopefully to the long-awaited Games::Nintendo::Metroid.
  • update metadata and packaging


a class for jumping Italian plumbers
a superclass for Italian plubmers who can take a beating
a class for stylus-enabled Italian plumbers
a class for Italian plumbers who wave their hands around
a class for mushroom-eating Italian plumbers
a class for vegetable-throwing Italian plumbers (and friends)
a class for fuzzy-tailed Italian plumbers
a class for long-lost Italian plumbers