Author image 歌代 和正 (Kaz Utashiro)
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 2.1.1 - 2022-08-24

  • Release 2.1.1

Changes for version v1.020_001 - 2020-10-29

  • Allow nested parenthesis in funciton parameter value.

Changes for version v1.20_2 - 2020-10-29

  • Release test.

Changes for version v1.28.0_02 - 2022-08-24

  • document update
  • load Term::ANSIColor::Concise::Tables module on demand

Changes for version v1.28.0_01 - 2022-08-20

  • use Term::ANSIColor::Concise


Getopt Extender
ANSI terminal color and option support
Function call interface
Labeled parameter handling
RC/Module loader
Getopt::Long compatible glue module
RC/Module data container
module to handle number parameters


in lib/Getopt/EX/
in lib/Getopt/EX/
in lib/Getopt/EX/