Getopt::EX::Func - Function call interface


  use Getopt::EX::Func qw(parse_func);

  my $func = parse_func(...);



This module provides the way to create function call object used in Getopt::EX module set.

If your script has --begin option which tells the script to call specific function at the beginning of execution. You can do it like this:

    use Getopt::EX::Func qw(parse_func);

    GetOptions("begin:s" => $opt_begin);

    my $func = parse_func($opt_begin);


Then script can be invoked like this:

    % example -Mfoo --begin 'repeat(debug,msg=hello,count=2)'

In this example, function repeat should be declared in module foo or in start up rc file such as ~/.examplerc. Actual function call is done in this way:

    repeat ( debug => 1, msg => 'hello', count => '2' );

As you can notice, arguments in the function call string is passed in name => value style. Parameter without value (debug in this example) is assigned value 1.

Function itself can be implemented like this:

    our @EXPORT = qw(repeat);
    sub repeat {
        my %opt = @_;
        print Dumper \%opt if $opt{debug};
        for (1 .. $opt{count}) {
            say $opt{msg};

It is also possible to declare the function in-line:

    % example -Mfoo --begin 'sub{ say "wahoo!!" }'

Function say can be used because the function is executed under use v5.14 context.