Changes for version 3.3.0 - 2022-06-11

  • New features
    • The new githooks.timeout configuration option adds timeout support. It sets a time limit to how log the hooks can run. If it runs longer than the specified time, in seconds, it aborts.
    • The new githooks.error-length-limit configuration option specifies a limit to the length of the error messages in characters. If the errors are bigger than the limit the message is truncated and a special mark is appended to the end.
  • Fixes
    • CheckLog: The checklog.spelling tests weren't being skipped correctly which made them fail on FreeBSD systems.


find secrets leaking in a Git repository
Git::Hooks driver script


Framework for implementing Git (and Gerrit) hooks
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit policies
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit policies
Git::Hooks plugin for checking files
Git::Hooks plugin which requires citation of JIRA issues in commit messages
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit log policies
Git::Hooks plugin for checking references
Git::Hooks plugin for checking against unsafe rewrites
Git::Hooks plugin for checking whitespace errors
Git::Hooks plugin to insert a Change-Id in a commit message
Git::Hooks plugin to notify users via email
Git::Hooks plugin to prepare commit messages before being edited
Git::Hooks testing utilities
A Git commit message
A Git::Repository plugin with some goodies for hook developers