Git::Hooks::CheckWhitespace - Git::Hooks plugin for checking whitespace errors


version 2.10.1


As a Git::Hooks plugin you don't use this Perl module directly. Instead, you may configure it in a Git configuration file like this:


    # Enable the plugin
    plugin = CheckWhitespace

    # These users are exempt from all checks
    admin = joe molly

The first section enables the plugin and defines the users joe and molly as administrators, effectively exempting them from any restrictions the plugin may impose.


This Git::Hooks plugin hooks itself to the hooks below to check if the contents of files added to or modified in the repository have whitespace errors as detected by git diff --check command. If they don't, the commit/push is aborted.

  • pre-applypatch

  • pre-commit

  • update

  • pre-receive

  • ref-update

  • patchset-created

  • draft-published

To enable it you should add it to the githooks.plugin configuration option:

      plugin = CheckWhitespace


CheckWhitespace - Git::Hooks plugin for checking whitespace errors


There's no specific configuration for this plugin.

It can be disabled for specific references via the githooks.ref and githooks.noref options about which you can read in the Git::Hooks documentation.


Gustavo L. de M. Chaves <>


This software is copyright (c) 2018 by CPqD <>.

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