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Changes for version 0.27 - 2023-06-07

  • Add run_pipeline_schedule.
  • Add share_group_with_group and unshare_group_with_group.
  • Add approve_merge_request and unapprove_merge_request
  • Add approve_user and reject_user.
  • Add ban_user and unban_user.
  • Add activate_user and deactivate_user.
  • Allow multi-line arguments.
  • Use JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON.
  • Add verify_SSL=>1 to HTTP::Tiny to verify https server identity.
  • Handle multiple cookies correctly when there is more than one.
  • Live tests now run against GitLab CE 16.0.3 (was 11.10.4).
  • Add the the remote_mirrors, create_remote_mirror, and edit_remote_mirror methods.
  • Fixed incorrect license messaging in POD.


Command line interface to the GitLab API v4.


A complete GitLab API v4 client.
Load configuration from a file, environment, and/or CLI options.
GitLab API v4 constants.
Mock API object for testing.
Mocking the internals of a GitLab server.
Mocked REST client that doesn't actually make HTTP requests.
Iterate through paginated GitLab v4 API records.
The HTTP client that does the heavy lifting.
A client that works against the GitLab web site.