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Changes for version 0.005001 - 2014-02-11

  • Stable version of dev release, now depends on latest Git::Gitalist.

Changes for version 0.005000_01 - 2014-02-05

  • Depend on Git::Gitalist to provide git logic.


Frequently asked questions about Gitalist
Catalyst CGI
Create a new Catalyst Component
Catalyst FastCGI
Catalyst Test Server
Catalyst Test


A modern git web viewer
Fragment::Ref module for Gitalist::Controller
Fragment::Repository module for Gitalist::Controller
Controller::Ref module for Gitalist
Controller::Repository module for Gitalist
Root controller for the application
Interface and partial implementation of a collection of git repositories
Model of a directory containing git repositories
Model of a repositories listed in a file in a given directory.
Model of recursive directories containing git repositories
Model of a collection of git repositories
Model::CollectionOfRepos module for Gitalist
Role for Gitalist scripts.
trivial utils for Gitalist
Responsible for syntax highlighting code


in lib/Gitalist/ActionRole/
in lib/Gitalist/ContentMangler/
in lib/Gitalist/ContentMangler/Resolver/
in lib/Gitalist/ContentMangler/Transformer/
in lib/Gitalist/
in lib/Gitalist/Controller/
in lib/Gitalist/Controller/
in lib/Gitalist/Controller/
in lib/Gitalist/Git/CollectionOfRepositories/Role/
in lib/Gitalist/Git/
in lib/Gitalist/Git/
in lib/Gitalist/Model/
in lib/Gitalist/TraitFor/Script/
in lib/Gitalist/URIStructure/Fragment/
in lib/Gitalist/URIStructure/
in lib/Gitalist/URIStructure/
in lib/Gitalist/URIStructure/