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Changes for version 0.001 - 2023-02-04

  • Changed my github username.
  • Remove MooseX::HasDefaults::RO as dependency.
  • Add length() method as alias of elems() in Grob and UnitLike roles.
  • Add a "grill" grob.
  • Add the layout class.
  • Rename stringify() methods to string().


An incomplete port of the R "grid" library to Perl
For creating classes in Graphics::Grid
Role for supporting width and height in Graphics::Grid
Role for Graphics::Grid driver implementations
Cairo backend for Graphics::Grid
Grob's extents on the drawing layer
Function interface for Graphics::Grid
Graphical parameters used in Graphics::Grid
Role for graphical object (grob) classes in Graphics::Grid
Rectangular grob
Line segments grob
Empty grob with minimal size
Role for graphics parameters (gpar) in Graphics::Grid
Role for supporting positional justifications in Graphics::Grid
Role for supporting (x, y) position in Graphics::Grid
For creating roles in Graphics::Grid
Import stuffs into Graphics::Grid classes
Custom types and coercions
A vector of unit values
Expression created from Graphics::Grid::Unit objects
Role for unit-like classes in Graphics::Grid
List of UnitLikes
Utility functions used internally in Graphics::Grid
Role for Viewport and ViewportTree