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Changes for version 6000.001 - 2018-10-03

  • First stable release
  • Computation of standings now ignores jobs that are not finished
  • Set search_path in dbinit to make it easy to put all gruntmaster tables into their own schema.

Changes for version 5999.000_016 - 2016-03-12

  • Add gm edit command
  • Make gm rerun also work with problems
  • Purge standings in finish_job
  • Purge problem/contest list after adding problem/contest

Changes for version 5999.000_015 - 2015-10-10

  • Make t/tools.t not crash when postgres is not running

Changes for version 5999.000_014 - 2015-10-02

  • Almost fit for a stable release (more real-world testing needed)
  • Replace gruntmaster-* tools with an App::Cmd-based script
  • Replace DBIx::Class with DBIx::Simple
  • Add sample database and more tests
  • Add gruntmaster-opener
  • Many other smaller changes

Changes for version 5999.000_013 - 2014-12-20

  • Improve user_list performance
  • Sort problem and contest lists in user_entry
  • Add a purge sub and use it where needed.
  • Add table and column comments
  • Make job_list only return public jobs

Changes for version 5999.000_012 - 2014-12-13

  • Add solution to pb_entry
  • Add {problem,contest}_status tables and a method that updates them
  • Improve performance of standings, move it to Result/
  • Add many new keys to us_entry
  • Remove support for archive standings

Changes for version 5999.000_011 - 2014-12-07

  • Make problem value NOT NULL
  • Add contest_start and contest_stop to pb_entry
  • Use perlcritic
  • Add a "solution" column to problem

Changes for version 5999.000_010 - 2014-10-05

  • Depend on PerlX::Maybe
  • Switch from to JSON::MaybeXS

Changes for version 5999.000_009 - 2014-09-28

  • Add page information to job_list
  • Prevent experimental reference usage warnings

Changes for version 5999.000_008 - 2014-08-03

  • Add a method for computing standings.
  • Depend on Authen::Passphrase(::BlowfishCrypt)
  • Fix bugs in user_list and set_passphrase

Changes for version 5999.000_007 - 2014-07-20

  • Add some utility functions.

Changes for version 5999.000_006 - 2014-05-25

  • Attempt to use correct perl in tools.t

Changes for version 5999.000_005 - 2014-05-17

  • Depend on DBIx::Class directly

Changes for version 5999.000_004 - 2014-05-17

  • Build-Depend on SQL::Translator
  • Fix version

Changes for version 5999.000_003 - 2014-05-16

  • Use Postgres (via DBIx::Class) instead of Redis
  • Change license to perl
  • Improve tools
  • Add tests

Changes for version 5999.000_002 - 2014-02-28

  • Move most problem attributes outside problem_meta
  • Add the HGETALL Redis command
  • Add functions for getting/setting the last submit time of a user.

Changes for version 5999.000_001 - 2014-02-02

  • Initial release


Populate opens table from NCSA access logs


command-line interface to the Gruntmaster 6000 database
Base class for gm commands
add a problem or contest by answering a series of prompts
edit a property of an object
get a property of an object
list all objects of a type
rerun some jobs and probles
set a property of an object
display human-readable information about an object
Gruntmaster 6000 Online Judge -- database interface and tools
Populate opens table from NCSA access logs