Changes for version 1.9

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: .cvrc is now sourced much earlier, before loading modules. cvrc_boot and cvrc_start functions are called later.
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: mplayer support has been completely removed.
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: viewer now defaults to "maxpect" (shift-M) mode.
  • "invisible" cursor does not act weirdly when it is in position zero (ctrl-u, space did not advance if cursor was on first item in schnauzer).
  • support heif/avif now via pixbufloader (which seesm to not have working autodetection, so we do our own).
  • cv now uses mpv to generate video thumbnails - maybe slower, maybe overall worse, but at least there is no dependency on mplayer anymore.
  • cv now expects mpv to be in the CV_MPV, not CV_MPALYER, env variable.
  • the Schnauzer now autoscales everything according to the first monitor's DPI when the dpi is >= 110. This can be disabled by adding this to your .cvrc: $Gtk2::CV::Schnauzer::DISPLAYSCALE = 1;
  • redid "splash" image to be 16:9 (and also super-ugly, but nobody cares).
  • support mpv's --input-ipc-file option, in addition to --input-file (untested).
  • rather brutally remove LC_ALL and override LC_NUMERIC, as perl and gtk2 sometimes fail to format numbers correctly and fall back to the locale-specific format (which perl should never do).
  • added a "Subdir view", showing only subdirectories in the cluster view and immediately entering them.
  • add .cvrc changable variable $Gtk2::CV::Schnauzer::DISPLAYSCALE, defaults to 1 - for use with hidpi displays.
  • add .cvrc changable variable $Gtk2::CV::Schnauzer::ICONSCALE, defaults to 1 - modifies actual icon file size.
  • add .cvrc changable variable $Gtk2::CV::Schnauzer::FONTSCALE, defaults to icon scale - modified icon font height.
  • while CV is effectively single-threaded, it might need thread support to be initialized in Gtk2/xcb.
  • remove hyper scaling mode.
  • "," is now the opposite (modulo rounding) from ".".
  • do not duplicate filetype detection in schnauzer and CV.xs, always use the xs code.


a fast gtk+ image viewer loosely modeled after XV


a window widget displaying an image or other media
a job queue mechanism for Gtk2::CV
plugin superclass and nonexistent documentation
a class for writing postscript files
the CV print dialog widget
a simple progress widget
a widget for displaying image collections


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