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Changes for version 2.0

  • support jpeg-xl files.
  • mpv: do no autoload files, as this is very slow on large directories.
  • work around bugs with newer gtk2 and/or xft versions that cause the schnauzer window to shrink randomly.
  • implement (mostly hiden) --sort argument that forces filename sort even when cv normally wouldn't.
  • implement animated gif detection using netscape app block, whose presence will be assume to indicate an animated gif. this is not foolproof, bit greatly reduces the number of mpv invocations for gifs.
  • fix video/gif rotation, used mplayer metpod, switched to mpv's --video-rotate.
  • take Display matrix/rotation side data type into account when calculating video size from ffprobe.
  • mpv renamed the input file option once more, to input-ipc-client. tedious. would be nice if they instead worked on being able to pass filenames over the APIS, or some other real problem. oh yeah, --list-options format was also changed. sigh.
  • up version sort width to 8 digits, from 6.
  • t/T now rotate video during playback.
  • when thumbnailing, do not open archives, follow playlists, open subtitles and so on.
  • update mpv switches to mdoern format.
  • set whole toplevel window to insensitive insteads of just the schnauzer, to avoid gtk default signal handling to mess up navigation.
  • preliminary and limited support to play bluray/dvd "directories".
  • use mpv commands (as opposed to mplayer) for subtitle/audio track cycling.
  • fix keysym for '#', which at some point seems to have been replaced by 'numbersign' in gtk.
  • implement hack to detect some iso files as bluray movies and play them.
  • do not pass filenames directly to ffprobe, instead prefix them with file:, to ensure they are not misinterpreted as urls.
  • implement '#' (switch audio tracks) and "j" (switch subtitle tracks) keybindings.


a fast gtk+ image viewer loosely modeled after XV


a window widget displaying an image or other media
a job queue mechanism for Gtk2::CV
plugin superclass and nonexistent documentation
a class for writing postscript files
the CV print dialog widget
a simple progress widget
a widget for displaying image collections


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