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Changes for version 1.1000 - 2022-06-06

  • Convert packages to lib/**.pm files.


A Perl Module for Generating HTML Navigation Menus
provides a function to escape HTML.
an expand value that differentiates among different expands
A Specialized HTML::Widgets::NavMenu sub-class
base class for the iterator.
an iterator for JQuery TreeView's navigation menus.
a nav-menu iterator for the HeaderRole sub-class.
A Specialized HTML::Widgets::NavMenu sub-class
a base object for HTML::Widgets::NavMenu
a predicate object for HTML::Widgets::NavMenu
class to generate tags.
an item for the tree iterator.
an iterator for HTML.
URL manipulation class.


in lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/
in lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/Error/
in lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/Iterator/
in lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/LeadingPath/
in lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/