Shlomi Fish
and 1 contributors

__PACKAGE__->mk_accessors(qw(method1 method2 method3))

Equivalent to Class::Accessor's mk_accessors only using Class::XSAccessor. It beats running an ugly script on my code, and can be done at run-time.

Gotta love dynamic languages like Perl 5.

__PACKAGE__->mk_acc_ref([qw(method1 method2 method3)])

Creates the accessors in the array-ref of names at run-time.


HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object - a base object for HTML::Widgets::NavMenu


For internal use only


my $obj = HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object->new(@args)

Instantiates a new object. Calls $obj->_init() with @args.

my $obj = HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object->destroy_();

A method that can be used to explicitly destroy an object.


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This program is released under the following license: MIT X11.