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Changes for version 0.2.16 - 2014-01-25

  • Fixed code at lib/Haineko/SMTPD/Relay/ reported at CPAN Testers Report 54826936-84d9-11e3-bb3c-11f7f1eb6092, Thanks to Victor Efimov.


Controls haineko server and utilities.


Base class for command line interface
Haineko server control class
Class for displaying help message
Utility class for hainekoctl pw
Setup files for Haineko
Tiny resolver class
Default configuration instead of etc/
Convert error message to an object
Something like web application framework
Basic authentication at connecting Haineko server
Child class of Plack::Request
Child class of Plack::Response
Child class of Plack::Request
Wrapper class to load/dump JSON.
Syslog interface
Controller except /submit
Create an email address object
Create an EHLO response object
Haineko milter base class
Haineko milter for Example
Haineko milter for rewriting email body using Acme::Nyaa module.
Tools related RFC-5321
Tools related RFC-5322
SMTP Connection class
Amazon SES API class for sending email
Discard mailer class
ESMTP Connection class
Just save an email message
Relays from Haineko to other Haineko
ESMTP Connection class for sending server listed in MX record or A record
Mandrill/MailChimp Web API class for sending email
Just print an email message
SendGrid Web API class for sending email
SMTP Response class
HTTP to SMTP Session class
Controller for sample email
Controller for /submit


in lib/Haineko/CLI/Setup/