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Author image Randy J Ray

Changes for version 3.300

  • lib/Image/Size.pm
  • t/all.t
  • t/old-os2.bmp (added) Add support for old OS/2 version of BMP header (Geoff Richards).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Typo fixes (David Steinbrunner).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Avoid a sprintf() warning in Perl 5.21. Perl 5.21 introduces a warning for redundant arguments to s?printf(), so sprintf("%d", 1, 2) would warn. This commit silences that warning by passing sprintf the exact number of arguments that it expects (Brian Fraser).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Added =encoding utf8 to pod - the accented character was causing a pod error (Neil Bowers).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Added Z<> to the =item [012] to resolve pod warning. You can't have =item 0, so the way round this seems to be to add a Z<> (zero width space) before each digit (Neil Bowers).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Added link to github repo to doc (Neil Bowers).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm RT #41238: Applied modified version of patch from user to fix a die problem with unpack on truncated files.
  • lib/Image/Size.pm
  • t/1.sm.webp (added)
  • t/all.t
  • t/move.cur (added)
  • t/tux.ico (added) Add support for WEBP, ICO and CUR file types (Baldur Kristinsson).
  • lib/Image/Size.pm Fix some perlcritic issues.


read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats


read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats