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Changes for version 1.07 - 2012-01-16

  • Add 'mozjs185' package-config file support, seen in Ubuntu 11
    • Thanks to Christiaan Kras for his report and help with testing.
  • Add support for XulRunner 9, that reintroduces visible JSScript and JS::Value
  • Fix for perls compiled without 64bit support, broken in 1.05


JavaScript interpreter with perl powers
"JavaScriptification" tweaks for Perl modules
Encapsulate a Perl ARRAY in JavaScript space
Encapsulate a perl HASH in JavaScript space
Encapsulates generic perl objects in JavaScript space
Encapsulate Perl SCALAR references in JavaScript
Encapsulate a perl CODE reference in JavaScript


A bridge between JavaScript and Perl languages
Reference to a JavaScript Array
Perl class that encapsulates the JavaScript's true and false values.
Encapsulates all javascript object reflected to perl space in order to syncronize SM garbage colector and perl reference counting system.
An object in which we can execute JavaScript
Call JavaScript with Timeouts
Control which Perl namespaces can be used from JavaScript.
Encapsulates errors thrown from JavaScript
Reference to a JavaScript Function
Reference to a JavaScript Object
Create native JavaScript classes in Perl
Runs contexts
A CommonJS-complaint Runtime
Plugin that install stock services for JavaScript side
A class for inspect SpiderMonkey's bytecode
Class that encapsulates SpiderMonkey's jsopcodes.
Encapsulates pre-compiled JavaScript code.
Perl namespaces reflector for JavaScript.
Add support for Traps Handling to JSPL
Perl things visiting JavaScript


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