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Changes for version 0.315 - 2012-04-16

  • Omit LockFreeRegistry test from CPAN distro.


KinoSearch smoke test script
Query matching an ordered list of terms.
Search engine library.
Tokenize/modify/filter text.
Normalize case, facilitating case-insensitive search.
Multiple Analyzers in series.
Reduce related words to a shared root.
Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.
Split a string into tokens.
KinoSearch recipes.
Sample subclass of Query.
Sample subclass of QueryParser.
Near real-time index updates.
Quick-start guide to hacking on KinoSearch.
Characteristics of KinoSearch document ids.
Overview of index file format.
Manage indexes on shared volumes.
Crash course in information retrieval.
Step-by-step introduction to KinoSearch.
How to choose and use Analyzers.
A more flexible app structure.
Specify per-field properties and behaviors.
Augment search results with highlighted excerpts.
Use Query objects instead of query strings.
Bare-bones search app.
A document read from an index.
Create and highlight excerpts.
Consolidate index segments in the background.
Abstract base class for reading index data.
Write data to an index.
Abstract base class for marking documents as deleted.
Retrieve stored documents.
Policies governing index updating, locking, and file deletion.
Read from an inverted index.
Build inverted indexes.
Iterator for a field's terms.
Multi-segment implementation of IndexReader.
Term-Document pairings.
Single-segment IndexReader.
Write one segment of an index.
Warehouse for information about one segment of an inverted index.
Judge how well a document matches a query.
Point-in-time index file list.
An array of bits.
Base class for all KinoSearch objects.
Configure major components of an index.
Default behaviors for binary fields.
Define a field's behavior.
Full-text search field type.
User-created specification for an inverted index.
Non-tokenized text type.
Intersect multiple result sets.
Collector which records doc nums in a BitVector.
Query-to-Matcher compiler.
Access search results.
Execute searches against a single index.
Leaf node in a tree created by QueryParser.
Query which matches all documents.
Match a set of document ids.
Invert the result set of another Query.
Query which matches no documents.
Union multiple result sets.
Query matching an ordered list of terms.
Base class for composite Query objects.
Aggregate results from multiple Searchers.
A specification for a search query.
Transform a string into a Query object.
Match a range of values.
Join results for two Queries, one required, one optional.
Base class for searching collections of documents.
Element of a SortSpec.
Specify a custom sort order for search results.
An offset, a length, and a weight.
Query which matches individual terms.
File System implementation of Folder.
Abstract class representing a directory.
Abstract class representing an interprocess mutex lock.
Lock exception.
In-memory Folder implementation.


A small OO language that forms symbiotic relationships with "host" languages.
Generate core C code for a Clownfish::Hierarchy.
Generate core C code for a class.
Generate core C code for a Clownfish file.
Generate core C code for a function.
Generate core C code for a method.
Perl bindings for a Clownfish::Hierarchy.
Generate Perl binding code for a Clownfish::Class.
Binding for an object method.
Binding for an object method.
Abstract base binding for a Clownfish::Function.
Convert between Clownfish and Perl via XS.
A block of embedded C code.
An object representing a single class definition.
Formatted comment a la Doxygen.
Auto-generate code for "dumpable" classes.
Structured representation of the contents of a Clownfish source file.
Metadata describing a function.
A class hierarchy.
Metadata describing an instance method.
parameter list.
Collection of code.
Parse Clownfish header files.
Abstract base class for Clownfish symbols.
A variable's type.
An arbitrary type.
A composite type, e.g. Obj**.
A primitive Type representing a floating point number.
A primitive Type representing an integer.
An object Type.
Abstract base class for primitive types.
A Type to support C's va_list.
The void Type.
Miscellaneous helper functions.
A Clownfish variable.
Read a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
Write a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
Similarity optimized for long fields.
Compressed doc storage.
Compressed doc storage.
Connect to a remote SearchServer.
Make a Searcher remotely accessible.
Build a caching filter based on results of a Query.
Matcher with arbitrary docs and scores.
Basic search engine.
Replaced by CaseFolder.
Replaced by KinoSearch::Index::Indexer.
Renamed to KinoSearch::Search::QueryParser.
Simple query parser, with no boolean operators.


in lib/KSx/Search/
in lib/KSx/Search/