Changes for version 5.000 - 2016-05-20

  • migrated to dist::zilla
  • fix rt#110870 - fix pod, mark pod tests as authoring
  • fix rt#110877 - get rid of given/when
  • fix rt#110878 - use $^X instead of system perl


a Befunge-98 interpreter
How to write Befunge-98 libraries & extensions


a generic funge interpreter
optimized debug solution for language::befunge
an Instruction Pointer for a Befunge-98 program
an interpreter for Language::Befunge
definition of the various operations
operations supported by a Befunge-98 interpreter
operations supported by a Trifunge-98 interpreter
operations supported by a Unefunge-98 interpreter
a generic Storage base class for Language::Befunge
a 2D storage, using sparse hash
a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace
a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace
a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace
an opaque, N-dimensional vector class
base wrapping class
Non-standard math bases extension
Boolean operations extension
Complex numbers extension
directory operations
Environment variables extention
Fixed point operations extension
extension to print foo
extension to print Hello world!
High-Resolution Timer extension
Modulo Arithmetic extension
Extension to opacify loaded extensions
Orthogonal easement extension
extension to embed Perl within Befunge
Referenced cells extension
Roman numerals extension
string extension
subroutines extension
extension to run tests
date / time extension