Changes for version 0.04

  • smaller changes to make the distribution cleaner for CPAN


a script for converting bitexts
convert a treebank from one format to another
count co-occurrence frequencies for arbitrary features of nodes in a parallel treebank
convert from Stockholm Tree Aligner format to Moses/GIZA++ (plain text)
extract aligned phrases from aligned treebanks
training tree alignment classifiers and aligning syntactic trees
a script for computing precision and recall scores for tree aligmnent
convert treebanks to Moses/GIZA++ format (plain text)


Perl modules for the alignment of parallel corpora
Class factory for link classification
A wrapper around megam
reading corpus data
Read factored corpora (Moses format)
Class factory for reading parallel corpora
Read sentence aligned bitexts
Read Dublin Subtree Aligner format
Read the Viterbi word alignment produced by GIZA++
Perl extension to read sentence-aligned parallel corpora in Moses format
Read parallel corpora in OPUS format
read parallel corpora with ordered sentence IDs
Read the STockholm Tree Aligner Format
Read data from the WPT word alignment task
Factory class for reading treebanks
Read the output of the Berkeley parser
Read the Penn Treebank format
Read output from the Stanford parser
Feature extraction for tree alignment
Search algorithms for tree alignment
Alignment as an assignment problem in bipartite graphs
Alignment as an assignment problem with additional constraints
cascaded link search strategies
Simple greedy search for links
Greedy link search with a final step for adding links between unaligned items.
Greedy search with wellformedness constraints
Intersection between source-to-target and target-to-source alignment
Align non-terminal nodes first
Align non-terminal nodes only (greedily)
Link search used in the PaCoMT project
Source-to-target alignment
Source-to-target alignment with constraints
Greedy linking with score thresholds
Greedily align terminal nodes only
Greedy target-to-source alignment
Perl modules implementing a discriminative tree aligner
Module for word alignment


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