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treealigneval - a script for computing precision and recall scores for tree aligmnent


    treealigneval [OPTIONS] gold-standard-file tree-alignment-file


Both gold-standard-file and tree-alignment-file should be in Stockholm Tree Aligner Format. Here is an example:

 <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <date>Tue May  4 16:23:04 2010</date>
    <treebank filename="treebanks/en/smultron_en_sophie.xml" id="en"/>
    <treebank filename="treebanks/sv/smultron_sv_sophie.xml" id="sv"/>
    <align author="Lingua-Align" prob="0.11502659612149206125" type="fuzzy">
      <node node_id="s105_17" type="t" treebank_id="en"/>
      <node node_id="s109_23" type="t" treebank_id="sv"/>
    <align author="Lingua-Align" prob="0.45281832125339427364" type="fuzzy">
      <node node_id="s105_34" type="t" treebank_id="en"/>
      <node node_id="s109_15" type="t" treebank_id="sv"/>

The treealigneval script will read both files and compare the links. It will output precision, recall and F values. Here is an example output:

         precision (ALL/NT:NT) = 76.27 (1896/2486)
            recall (ALL/NT:NT) = 77.96 (1896/2432)
        balanced F (ALL/NT:NT) = 77.10
           precision (ALL/T:T) = 73.48 (2626/3574)
              recall (ALL/T:T) = 72.48 (2626/3623)
          balanced F (ALL/T:T) = 72.97
       precision (fuzzy/NT:NT) = 15.78 (101/640)
          recall (fuzzy/NT:NT) = 19.39 (101/521)
      balanced F (fuzzy/NT:NT) = 17.40
         precision (fuzzy/T:T) =  5.40 (50/926)
            recall (fuzzy/T:T) = 17.36 (50/288)
        balanced F (fuzzy/T:T) =  8.24
        precision (good/NT:NT) = 67.23 (1241/1846)
           recall (good/NT:NT) = 65.32 (1241/1900)
       balanced F (good/NT:NT) = 66.26
          precision (good/T:T) = 78.32 (2074/2648)
             recall (good/T:T) = 62.19 (2074/3335)
         balanced F (good/T:T) = 69.33
  precision (all) = 74.62 (4522/6060)
     recall (all) = 74.68 (4522/6055)
    recall (good) = 76.06 (3982/5235)
   recall (fuzzy) = 65.85 (540/820)
 F (P_all & R_all)  = 74.65
 F (P_all & R_good) = 75.34

NT refers to non-terminal nodes and T refers to terminal nodes (treealigneval uses type attributes in the alignment file to determine if a node is a terminal node or a non-terminal node; if this attribute is not included it assumes that all nodes with an I500 is a terminal node). Precision and recall values for specific link types may be lower than the overall numbers because the proposed link type has to match whereas in the total numbers all proposed links are considered.


-b firstSentId

Start evaluating at this source language sentence ID. If you don't specify -b the evaluation script will use all sentences for which at least one link has been proposed. That means that the scores might be too high because the aligner may just not have aligned anything for in some sentence pairs (usually it will be fine).

-e lastSentId

Stop evaluating at this source language sentence ID. This is for the same reason as for -b.

-g format

This specifies the format of the gold standard file. Default is sta (Stockholm Tree Aligner format). Other formats are not really included/tested yet. An alternative would be, for example, the format of the Dublin Subtree Aligner.

-s format

The format of the tree aligmnets proposed by the system. Default is again sta.


Lingua::treealign, Lingua::Align::Trees


Joerg Tiedemann


Copyright (C) 2009 by Joerg Tiedemann

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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