Changes for version 0.10 - 2013-02-19

  • The big update is moving most of the Java code into a separate Java library, making development and maintenance much easier.
  • Updated to latest Stanford CoreNLP version.
  • Added the environmental variables LINGUA_CORENLP_JAR_PATH --- to let you override where Lingua::StanfordCoreNLP looks for the CoreNLP jar-files --- and LINGUA_CORENLP_VERSION
    • which tells us which version it is. Thanks to Bahareh Sarrafzadeh for pointing out the need for this (and, indirectly, getProperties and setProperties).
  • General cleanup around class-paths.
  • Added getProperties and setProperties, which let you change annotator options. See man-page for more info.
  • s/getCorefMentions/getMentionsInTextualOrder/, as the CorefChain API has apparently changed.
  • Changed tests to use Test::More rather than Test::Simple. Added more tests.
  • Removed silencing of output, which seems to hang the new CoreNLP. Will look into it for future versions if someone asks me to.
  • Sources are now available on GitHub:


A Perl interface to Stanford's CoreNLP tool set.