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Changes for version 5.514 - 2024-02-06

  • Move the guts of the ambiguous_content method to MIME::Head
  • Add MIME::Entity->ambiguous_content that returns true if this entity or any of its parts, recursively, has a MIME::Head whose ambiguous_content method returns true.
  • Keep MIME::Parser->ambiguous_content as a cached version of the most recently parsed $entity->ambiguous_content.
  • BUGFIX: Add some missing files to MANIFEST


the body of a MIME message
an object for decoding the body part of a MIME stream
encode/decode a "base64" stream
decode a "binhex" stream
perform no encoding/decoding
decode a "base64" gzip stream
encode/decode a "7bit" or "8bit" stream
encode/decode a "quoted-printable" stream
decode a "uuencoded" stream
class for parsed-and-decoded MIME message
a "Content-transfer-encoding" field
a "Content-disposition" field
a "Content-type" field
subclass of Mail::Field, for structured MIME fields
MIME message header (a subclass of Mail::Header)
experimental class for parsing MIME streams
manage file-output of the parser
a line-oriented reader for a MIME::Parser
results of the last entity parsed
modules for parsing (and creating!) MIME entities
decode RFC 2047 encoded words to a local representation
deal with RFC 2047 encoded words


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