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Changes for version 0.91 - 2004-09-29

  • url() method that calls SUPER::url()
  • Applied patch from Charlie Garrison to make port stripping configurable


Framework for MKDoc products.
Overview of MKDoc::Core
Object validation error mechanism.
Cache::FileCache wrapper for MKDoc::Core
MKDoc Initialization Framework
Initializes Petal base directories.
Initializes Resources base directories.
Language class for the MKDoc::Core framework
Class for atomic MKDoc application functionality
Very simple plugin.
404 Not Found plugin.
Serves Resource Files.
MKDoc request object.
Inheritable resources module.
MKDoc Response object.
Generic user setup for MKDoc products.
Deploys MKDoc::Core master directory.
Installs a new MKDoc site somewhere on the system


in lib/MKDoc/Core/
in lib/MKDoc/Core/