MKDoc::Core - Framework for MKDoc products.


MKDoc is a web content management system written in Perl which focuses on standards compliance, accessiblity and usability issues, and multi-lingual websites.

At MKDoc Ltd we have decided to gradually break up our existing commercial software into a collection of completely independent, well-documented, well-tested open-source CPAN modules.

Ultimately we want MKDoc code to be a coherent collection of module distributions, yet each distribution should be usable and useful in itself.

MKDoc::Core is a mod_perl application framework. It doesn't do anything useful on its own, however it is used by products such as MKDoc::Auth and MKDoc::Forum which provide functionality.

MKDoc::Core is designed to let you setup multiple websites using apache virtual hosting. It also provides MKDoc::Setup, a base setup class which lets you easily install products onto each site.

For some more blurb about what MKDoc::Core is and does, you can consult MKDoc::Core::Article::Overview.


Install the MKDoc::Core distribution.

Install the module on your system. If you are using CPAN, this is done easily:

  perl -MCPAN -e 'install MKDoc::Forum'

CPAN should pull out any dependencies.

Set up the MKDoc::Core master directory.

The master directory is used to place resources which are common to all the MKDoc::Core sites which you will want to install on your system such as templates, graphics, and some apache configuration.

You need to set up the master directory only once. Once this is done, you will be able to add new MKDoc::Core sites without having to re-do this step. More importantly, once the master directory is set up you will not need to touch your apache config files (or any config file for the matter) in order to install new sites.

Please read MKDoc::Setup::Core to learn how to deploy the master directory.

Set up at least an MKDoc::Core site.

Once you have set up the master directory, you need to install at least one MKDoc::Core site. This is done using MKDoc::Setup::Site. Please refer to MKDoc::Setup::Site for more details on how to do this.

Set up one or more products on your MKDoc::Core site(s).

Once you have a working, basic MKDoc::Core site, you can add compliant products in order to add functionality to the site. You could try out MKDoc::Auth or MKDoc::Forum.


If you don't like the default templates, you can change the look and feel of by customizing them as appropriate.

In order to do so, you need to copy the default templates in your site directory as follows:

  mkdir -p /var/www/
  tar zxvf MKDoc-Core-xx.tgz
  cp -a MKDoc-Core-xx/lib/MKDoc/resources/* /var/www/

The templates which now live in /var/www/ will be used for the site instead of the default ones.

You might also want to customize the templates for all MKDoc::Core sites rather than one specific site. In this case, simply replace your site directory by your MKDoc::Core master directory.


Copyright 2003 - MKDoc Holdings Ltd.

Author: Jean-Michel Hiver

This module is free software and is distributed under the same license as Perl itself. Use it at your own risk.


  L<Petal> TAL for perl

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