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Changes for version 0.30 - 2020-12-07

  • An attempt at solving the hanging SSL issue; we no longer try to optimize the number of IO watchers, and now always run a watcher for both reads and writes.
  • Some build systems (not cpanm) differentiate betweem CONFIGURE_REQUIRES and BUILD_REQUIRES; a module may be present in the CONFIGURE stage, but not available during BUILD; so make sure that Alien::libmariadbclient is around when we need it.


Nonblocking connections to MySQL using libmariadbclient


in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/AE.pm
in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/EV.pm
in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/Event.pm
in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/Promises.pm
in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/Promises/Pool.pm
in lib/MariaDB/NonBlocking/Select.pm