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Changes for version 2.86

  • November 1 2018
    • Made a function is_ascending() to tell what the coefficient order currently is.
    • Typo and error fixes: one case where I meant 'descending' instead of 'ascending' in the coefficients section. And more embarassingly, I dropped the 'c' from Dr. Nickalls's name.
    • Turn README into With MetaCPAN replacing CPAN, there is no reason to have a plain-text README anymore (MetaCPAN doesn't treat the file as special).
    • Alas, Karl's Calculus Tutor has vanished from the web (not even to be found on the Wayback Machine), so use a link on the Encyclopedia of Mathematics web page instead on
    • Fixed the links in the POD.
    • Add a file, which is becoming a thing.


Find the roots of polynomial equations.