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table of contents for Message::Passing documentation
Writing inputs, outputs and filters
The concepts behind the framework
command line Message::Passing runner script


a simple way of doing messaging.
An easy way to make chains of Message::Passing components.
Build a set of chains using symbolic names
Base role for Message::Passing exceptions
An issue when decoding data
An issue when encoding data
Filter all messages out.
Use Compress:Bzip2 to encrypt messages
Use Crypt::CBC to decrypt messages
Decompresses messages with Compress::Zlib
Delay messages for some time.
Use Compress:Bzip2 to encrypt messages
Use Crypt::CBC to encrypt messages
Compresses messages with Compress::Zlib
Encodes data structures as JSON for output
Filter a subset of messages out.
Filter and/or mangle messages the way you want.
Filter no messages out.
Send a message stream to multiple outputs.
Output to call back into your code
output to an IO handle
/dev/null for messages
Output for use in unit tests
Package::Variant providing 'foo' and 'foo_options' attributes
A simple manager for inputs and outputs that need to make network connections.
Common attributes for encoding or decoding encrypted messages
Simple abstraction for filtering messages
Role for components which have a connection
A role for components which can report errors
common username and password attributes
Consumes messages
Handy role for building messaging scripts.