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Changes for version 1.02 - 2023-09-10

  • Treat use v5.36 as use_warnings
  • Skip some of the manifest test if symlink is not available
  • Improve prereq sorting
  • Improve pod detection
  • Improve script detection
  • Use Parse::Distname to get a little more information from a distribution name
  • Dedupe possible licences
  • Add Object::Pad as use strict equivalent (Wesley Schwengle)
  • Fix has_license_in_source_file for distributions that contain only a script under bin or scripts (Sven Kirmess)



Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
Interface to Kwalitee generators
Check for broken Module::Install
Check for CPANTS testing errors
Proper Distname layout
Information retrieved from the various Linux and other distributions
Check for various files
Find modules provided by a dist
Checks if there is a license
Checks data available in META.yml
Checks if the module needs a (probably C) compiler
Checks listed prerequisites
Checks for various signs that make a module packageable
dist has a valid signature
Checks which modules are used