Changes for version 1.01 - 2019-08-08

  • Fixed not to set an error message when extracted nicely (spotted by Martin Becker++)
  • Fixed to restore mtime of MANIFEST.SKIP if it is modified by #include_default
  • Improved primary module detection
  • Fixed to catch CPAN::Meta::YAML's warnings (of duplicate keys)
  • Improved test_prereqs_match to handle t::lib::Util, and ignore files that contain but don't end with .t
  • Fixed to store multiple licenses in META files



Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
Interface to Kwalitee generators
Check for broken Module::Install
Check for CPANTS testing errors
Proper Distname layout
Information retrieved from the various Linux and other distributions
Check for various files
Find modules provided by a dist
Checks if there is a license
Checks data available in META.yml
Checks if the module needs a (probably C) compiler
Checks listed prerequisites
Checks for various signs that make a module packageable
dist has a valid signature
Checks which modules are used