Changes for version v0.23.1 - 2022-03-28

  • Added method _set_get_glob in Module::Generic
  • Corrected a small bug in Module::Generic::Dynamic
  • Corrected a small bug in method content() in Module::Generic::File
  • Added method chown in Module::Generic::File
  • Added method datetime in Module::Generic::DateTime
  • Made a minor correction in chmod when reporting the mode upon error
  • Changed autoload of methods in Module::Generic
  • Updated the methods append and prepend in Module::Generic::Scalar to also accept sa calar reference or object
  • Changed return value for _set_get_scalar_as_object to the object when the context is object
  • Corrected a minor bug in pass_error in Module::Generic
  • Minor improvement on when a directory was removed while perl was running affecting _uri_file_cwd() in Module::Generic::File


An Enhanced DateTime::Duration Object
An Array Iterator Element Object Class
A Regexp Result Object
Generic Module Scalar IO Class
Shared Memory Manipulation


Generic Module to inherit from
An Array Manipulation Object Class
Boolean Representation Class
A DateTime wrapper for enhanced features
Dynamic Object Class
Generic Module Exception Class
File Object Abstraction Class
File Info Object Class
Hash Manipulation Object Class
Generic Header Value Parser
An Array Iterator Object Class
Null Value Chaining Object Class
Number Manipulation Object Class
String Manipulation Object Class
Shared Memory Manipulation
Object Access Control Class
Generic Tie Hash Mechanism for Object Oriented Hashes


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