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Mojo - Web development toolkit


  # HTTP/WebSocket user agent
  use Mojo::UserAgent;
  my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new;
  say $ua->get('')->result->headers->server;

  # HTML/XML DOM parser with CSS selectors
  use Mojo::DOM;
  my $dom = Mojo::DOM->new('<div><b>Hello Mojo!</b></div>');
  say $dom->at('div > b')->text;

  # Perl-ish templates
  use Mojo::Template;
  my $mt = Mojo::Template->new(vars => 1);
  say $mt->render('Hello <%= $what %>!', {what => 'Mojo'});

  # HTTP/WebSocket server
  use Mojo::Server::Daemon;
  my $daemon = Mojo::Server::Daemon->new(listen => ['http://*:8080']);
  $daemon->unsubscribe('request')->on(request => sub ($daemon, $tx) {
    $tx->res->body('Hello Mojo!');

  # Event loop
  use Mojo::IOLoop;
  for my $seconds (1 .. 5) {
    Mojo::IOLoop->timer($seconds => sub { say $seconds });


A powerful web development toolkit, with all the basic tools and helpers needed to write simple web applications and higher level web frameworks, such as Mojolicious. Some of the most commonly used tools are Mojo::UserAgent, Mojo::DOM, Mojo::JSON, Mojo::Server::Daemon, Mojo::Server::Prefork, Mojo::IOLoop and Mojo::Template.

See Mojolicious::Guides for more!


Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides,