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Changes for version 9.37 - 2024-05-13

  • Improved Mojo::Base include time with a new Mojo::BaseUtils module. (okurz)


The Mojolicious Guide to the Galaxy
Contributing to Mojolicious
Cooking with Mojolicious
Frequently Asked Questions
Growing Mojolicious applications
Rendering content
Routing requests
Web Application Testing Made Easy
Get started with Mojolicious
Hypnotoad HTTP and WebSocket server
The Mojolicious command system
Morbo HTTP and WebSocket development server


Web development toolkit
HTTP content storage base class
File storage for HTTP content
In-memory storage for HTTP content
Minimal base class for Mojo projects
Common utility functions used in Mojo::Base, re-exported in Mojo::Util
Naive in-memory cache
HTTP content base class
HTTP multipart content
HTTP content
HTTP cookie base class
HTTP request cookie
HTTP response cookie
Minimalistic HTML/XML DOM parser with CSS selectors
CSS selector engine
HTML/XML engine
HTTP date
Fast dynamic method dispatch
Event emitter base class
Exception base class
File system paths
HTTP headers
Hello World!
Home sweet home
Minimalistic event loop
Non-blocking TCP/IP and UNIX domain socket client
Non-blocking TCP and UNIX domain socket server
Non-blocking I/O stream
Non-blocking TLS handshake
Minimalistic JSON
JSON Pointers
Load all kinds of things
Simple logger
HTTP message base class
HTTP request
HTTP response
Low-level event reactor base class
Low-level event reactor with libev support
Low-level event reactor with poll support
HTTP/WebSocket server base class
CGI server
Non-blocking I/O HTTP and WebSocket server
A production web serv...ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!
Morbo backend base class
Morbo default backend
PSGI server
Pre-forking non-blocking I/O HTTP and WebSocket server
Perl-ish templates
Transaction base class
HTTP transaction
WebSocket transaction
Uniform Resource Locator
Non-blocking I/O HTTP and WebSocket user agent
Cookie jar for HTTP user agents
User agent proxy manager
Application server
User agent transactor
Portable utility functions
The WebSocket protocol
Real-time web framework
Command base class
Command line interface
Controller base class
Micro real-time web framework
Plugin base class
Perl-ish configuration plugin
Default helpers plugin
Embedded Perl Lite renderer plugin
Embedded Perl renderer plugin
Header condition plugin
JSON configuration plugin
Application mount plugin
Not quite YAML configuration plugin
Tag helpers plugin
Plugin manager
Generate dynamic content
Always find your destination with routes
Session manager based on signed cookies
Serve static files
MIME types
Validate values
Testing Mojo
Fun one-liners with Mojo


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