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Changes for version 0.40

  • improve --extra-opts error handling (#18)
  • fix handling named arguments (#17)
  • Allow negation of command line arguments using '--no'-prefix (#13)
  • Fix plugin-name processing in ALRM handler. (#12)
  • Fixed regex in plugin_exit() that handles hyphen for LONGOUTPUT (#11)
  • Support LONGTEXT output in plugin_exit (#10)
  • convert empty perfdata values to 'U' (daku3649 #5)
  • fix output when there is only long plugin output (pdugas)


A family of perl modules to streamline writing Naemon, Nagios, Icinga or Shinken (and compatible) plugins.
read nagios plugin .ini style config files
Helper class for returning both output and return codes when testing.
functions to simplify the creation of Nagios plugins
OO perl module providing standardised argument processing for Nagios plugins
class for handling Monitoring::Plugin performance data.
class for handling Monitoring::Plugin range data.
class for handling Monitoring::Plugin thresholds.