Changes for version 0.18 - 2022-09-12

    • new method on cache object, tag_value_hash
    • all summary objects returned by the cache object are now deep readonly to prevent foot-guns

Changes for version 0.17 - 2022-09-11 (TRIAL RELEASE)

    • Switch to Role::Hooks from MooX::CaptainHook to simplify use of new '-propagate' mode
    • test suite updated for new mode of consuming tag classes

Changes for version 0.16 - 2022-09-10 (TRIAL RELEASE)

    • In order for a class or role to assign tags defined in a tag role, the tag role had to be consumed with 'use' rathe than the standard 'with'. The experimental options '-install_hook' and '-propagate' (used correctly) will automatically convey the tag assignation ability upon role consumption using 'with'.


Add a tag with an arbitrary value to a an attribute
Extract information from a Tagged Attribute Cache
"Parent" Tag Role