Changes for version 0.34 - 2022-10-07

  • Make Syntax::Keyword::Try work on newer versions of Perl. (gmbow)
  • Update some docs to show proper usage of try/catch (gmbow)


An overview of MooseX::Extended optional attribute cloning
Objected construction for MooseX::Extended
An overview of MooseX::Extended optional features
Work-in-progress overview for MooseX::Extended
Shortcuts to make your Moose easier to write
Building a Better Moose


MooseX::Extended exception for invalid attribute definitions.
MooseX::Extended exception for import arguments.
Extend Moose with safe defaults and useful features
Internal module for MooseX::Extended
Build a custom Moose, just for you.
MooseX::Extended roles
Build a custom Moose::Role, just for you.
Keep our type tools organized